TycoOZ is a leading software research and development company in Bangalore, India. We recognize and respect the huge transforming potential of technology and innovation, We strongly believe that it should be used to the maximum extent to positively improve any process, System…



An extraordinary powerful by product of the fusion of our 7 years of research in Brain Research and computer science or software

A visual programming language whose primary focus is on the programmer. Designed based on Brain research. Utilizes more centers of the brain achieving high productivity and clarity

Robust, Scalable, High Quality Applications that are meticulously developed so as to support your business.

A great modren art form that shapes the Digital Face of an Organization, Business Or Individuals on the web.

Would you like to be with your customers every time every where when ever they need your service. Deliver your customers service at the right place, at the right time, to the right person

These are businesses that never close, Independent of time and space, can virtually sell anything to anywhere in the world 24/7

Have a Complete Control over your website, easily create, edit, pages, content,layout ,pictures, videos Live with ease.

Primary purpose of developing a site is to show it to maximum no of people. Web traffic drives your message or bussiness